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   Chicano elegance 

A Reawakening Experience of the Regal Lineage of Our Ancestors

  The 2nd Annual Chicano Elegance Gala 

Join us for a night of art, fashion, live entertainment, music & more! Our first annual gala took the community by storm and we are doing it even bigger for 2024. The night will feature interactive installations, live music, entertainment, couture runway show, art show, a Chicano Mall, red carpets, a podcast & media room experience. Complimentary gift suite, open bar, catered dinner, photobooth & raffles.


This year we are raising funds for Warriors Road, a diverse, Veteran founded 501(с)(3) non-profit organization on a mission to heal veterans and first responders through the power of working with horses.


*21 & over

Saturday June 15, 2024 | 6:00 PM -10:30 PM

7225 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles

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Our Mission 

There are many discussions about the real meaning of what it is to be Chicano. Many Latin American/Indigena people have experienced the same struggle, prejudice, and obstacles. When they discriminate against our community they do not bother to ask which country you are from, or if you were even born in the US, it does not make a difference.


Chicano Elegance unites these people from coast to coast, especially west coast neighborhoods/barrios that were created by immigrants who share not only struggle, but also food, music, culture, and slang.


Through an immersive event, that celebrates a rich subculture, we continue to make noise, create space and be unapologetically proud of everything that makes us who we are. Not only do we celebrate our Latinidad & Indigenous roots, but we amplify nuances of our community of Chingones that share talent, goals, and beauty as Chicanos, "de aqui & de alla". - Elvira Zamora, Founder of Chicano Elegance

"we celebrate our Latinidad & Indigenous roots....we amplify nuances of our community"


Elvira Zamora

Multi- Hyphenate Creative Merging Fashion and Philanthropy

Elvira arrived in the City of Angels from Peru at 10 years old. She takes pride in identifying as a Valley Girl! Her journey as a creative began in the San Fernando Valley. Coming from a family of fashion creatives, she started her first fashion business in her father’s tailor shop in 2001. A small women’s boutique that has since evolved into a unisex brand and upcycled 1 of 1 designs sold online. Elvira challenges what can sometimes be perceived by outside spectators as the superficiality of fashion by creating pieces that speak to her culture. Beyond that, she is a philanthropist as heart who moves with the intention to give back to her community and other underserved peoples.

That is why she created Chicano Elegance. A fashion gala and show tied to a greater cause. Embedded with a sense of cultural pride, much like her own personal experience, Chicano Elegance is a reflection of Elvira’s desire to see brown, indigenous, and Chicano representation in the fashion industry.


“Having a serious demeanor is a gift, it comes with a drive that there is no stopping, no matter what anyone says or thinks.”


Elvira continues to challenge the status quo by unapologetically encouraging her clients to try something new. To remain authentic to their own style and desires. She is a relentless creative who is always on the pursuit to grow as a fashion designer, creative director, and as a person.

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2024 Runway Show Designers 

This year's designers bring a distinctive blend of cultural richness and modern flair to the fashion industry, showcasing a unique narrative that deserves recognition and celebration. By carving out space for themselves, these designers not only elevate the artistry of Chicano fashion but also serve as powerful ambassadors, authentically representing the diverse and vibrant Chicano community in the global fashion landscape.

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